The Challenge

An Evening with Suggs and Friends is an annual fundraising event held in partnership with Pancreatic Cancer UK. In 2013, the inaugural year, we were commissioned to design the brand identity for the series, which has been used for every event since. In addition, we have created the live event collateral each year, which includes tickets, invites, screen graphics, programmes and social media assets.

The Solution

We logoised the name of the event so that it can be consistently applied to each year’s collaterals. In order to create a distinctive look and feel for each year’s event, we staged and shot images that evoke the sense of being at a live event; with velvet curtains, to chandeliers, fleuro paint and gold discs. This meant we have been able to create an event each year that feels on brand while simultaneously having its own themed visuals.

Ave Design is the most talented designer The Gig Company have ever come across. Since first designing all the material for ‘An evening with Suggs’ we have used them for all our design work along with our website which we are thrilled with.

Viva Mcpherson

Director, The Gig Company

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