The challenge

Brightside is an online mentoring charity that works with other charities in the social mobility sector to increase the reach and enhance the impact of their local community projects and national schemes. We were approached by them to create a new brand identity ahead of the implementation of its new business model, which would see it go from being a white-labelled education software provider to being a creditable partner. We were briefed to work on its outward-facing brand, and to help position the organisation as a professional service provider and industry leader, with the focus of the brand story being on its impact on social mobility, rather than the technology behind it.

The solution

Following an in-depth brand strategy phase, we decided Brightide’s brand didn’t effectively represent the organisation’s current purpose or personality, and so we fully reworked the brand identity to meet its new aims and objectives. We designed a logo that contained an icon to depict the positive connections made by Brightside, in terms of bringing people together and building relationships. The icon is reminiscent of the @ sign, in a nod to the online platform of Brightside’s mentoring services. When applied to the collateral, a graphic ‘thread’ device was created to become an organic network pathway, leading the users around the collateral layouts, and in places illustrative of the written content.

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