The Challenge

FoodSave is an initiative run by the Mayor of London that works with SME food businesses within London to prevent food waste and put surplus food to good use. We were briefed to create the branding, print collaterals, website and awareness-raising animations. The Food Save brand was to engage the target audience across multiple platforms, and stand apart from existing public sector schemes by being more approachable.

The Solution

At the time we began working on the FoodSave campaign there was no established brand identity, however user research and a communication plan had been scoped. Working with the FoodSave team, we devised a brand look and feel, including logo and visual identity, based on the user insight. The developed concept had an approachable and accessible visual and written language. By differentiating FoodSave in this way, the brand was able to engage their target audience across multiple platforms.

The primary task, following the completion of the logo and visual tool-kit, was the scoping, design and development of the website. For this we undertook an agile development process, consisting of three website deliverables, whereby at each stage additional features and functionality were added based on user insight, user testing and feedback loops.

To accompany the launch of the v1 website, we created a series of print and digital collateral that broke the FoodSave process down into a bite-size illustrated process.

Our final deliverable was a series of animations which ranged in tone from being ‘explainer’ videos through to short teaser adverts. For these we worked with our animation, voiceover and composer associates, to design and produce a captivating family of animations, for use in multiple online environments.

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