The Challenge

Fox & Squirrel is London’s premium walking tour company. After working on a new business plan, they approached us to rebrand them. In addition we were also commissioned to design and build an e-commerce website, through which they would vend tickets for the walks.

The Solution

Establishing a unique market position and brand differentiation is integral to organisations operating within a competitive landscape, and so we worked closely on sector analysis to establish where Fox & Squirrel should sit. The branding aimed to capture a celebration of variety by using a range of fonts to create a bold logotype, which also included a subtle nod to a fox and squirrels tail.

Fox & Squirrel are a high end luxury brand, and as such the production value of the business cards and promotional brochures needed to be representative of this. We created duplex business cards with metallic orange foil on the logo, as well as soft touch laminated brochures. These print finishes are tactile and never fail to create a “wow” from recipients.

For companies who rely on generating sales, having a solid and well designed e-commerce site is crucial. We undertook a full UX and UI process, with content hierarchy strategy and full user journey exploration. This allowed us to create a fully responsive website that was optimised towards ticket sales.

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